This performing arts day camp is for children who have experienced the death of one or both parents.

New for 2019: We will offer Mending Hearts Camp in two sessions grouped by age, to better serve our participants.

Surrounded by a community of peers who have experienced a similar loss, campers explore their creativity through acting, singing, dance, and design classes. Artistic and clinical staff lead activities that encourage ensemble work and celebrate the unique talents of each individual camper, giving them a creative voice to express themselves and building self-confidence as they collaborate to create a final showcase.

A typical day at camp includes music, theatre, dance, and design classes as well as sharing time and a variety of special workshops with guest artists. During sharing time, adult community leaders share their experience of losing a parent as a child and speak about how that experience impacted their life. Guest workshops will vary so that students will experience a variety of art forms. Professional healing counselors provide small group counseling to the campers.

“My father passed away unexpectedly when I was seven years old. As I grew, I realized it was my childhood involvement in the performing arts that gave me the tools to express myself, a group of supportive friends, and the self-confidence to achieve the success I have enjoyed in life. With Mending Hearts Camp, I am pleased the Orpheum can give other children who have experienced the devastating loss of a parent the same benefits of the performing arts that I had as a child.” — Brett Batterson, President & CEO

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