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Winston Wolfe

David Pickler

Winston Wolfe is a longtime donor and former board member. We sat down to talk to him about the Orpheum Theatre Group's legacy.

We know the historic significance of the Orpheum is very important to you. Tell us why?

The interior beauty of the building inspires so much love in me for the organization. And the location – it’s close to the river, close to Beale Street – it’s just so much Memphis. I even enjoy the drive down to the Orpheum. It’s a centerpiece of the city, I think.

What’s your favorite thing about a show night?

One thing I always enjoy is being downstairs in the lobby at intermission, just talking to people. I love being with everyone who is there because they love the place like I do.

We know you love Broadway and coming to shows, but you’re also a big supporter of our student programs. What about them resonates with you?

I’m impressed by the arts education happening at the Orpheum. It inspires kids intellectually. Everything that is offered to students affects their future and that really stands out to me. It’s not just kids enjoying the show, it makes them better students and it makes them better people.

You’ve been a part of the Orpheum family for many years. What keeps you engaged?

It’s everything. I love the shows, the beauty of the building, the people I meet when I’m there. It really is everything. The Orpheum is in my estate plan because I love it so much and I want to support it, even after I’m gone.

Thanks for talking with us and thank you for loving the Orpheum.

You’re welcome! I don’t love the Orpheum because I was on the board; I was on the board because I loved the Orpheum.

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