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Scott Hennessy

True Temper Sports CEO Scott Hennessy

A performing arts lover, generous donor, passionate board member, community activist, and huge fan of Hello, Dolly!,
Scott has been an integral part of the Orpheum Theatre Group’s growth for the last eight years.


Theatre has been part of your life since the beginning. Tell us about it.

I grew up in the Northeast, so going to New York City with my family to see Broadway shows was a normal part of growing up for me. I went to a large high school and every single student there was encouraged to participate in the school musical. It didn’t matter if you were a sports guy or played in the band, everyone pitched in to the show, onstage or backstage. I was the lead character in The Music Man and West Side Story. Theatre was a big part of the high school experience for everyone at my school.


And you’ve continued to support the theatre since moving to Memphis.

Well I moved to Memphis for work in 1994 and coming from the Northeast, growing up with Broadway, I was just blown away by the Orpheum. I was used to seeing theatres thrive in Philadelphia and New York City, but it was incredible to see such a robust organization right here in Memphis. The Orpheum does so much for the community – far more than just Broadway. Exposing thousands of kids to the arts, instilling self-confidence, and even reaching unique populations through Mending Hearts and Camp SAY. The access we’re providing is growing rapidly and Memphis students need that engagement with the arts. Arts education is a great investment and something I’m passionate about supporting.


Tell us about your Tony Voter for a Day experience!

In 2017, I won the Tony Voter for a Day trip at the annual auction, so I went with the Orpheum team and Brett to New York City and it was just incredible. It felt like the longest day of our lives, about 15 hours. We saw My Fair Lady and The Iceman Cometh starring Denzel Washington, sat in on chat-backs with Broadway actors and directors, and had lunch and dinner all together. It was a glimpse into this huge operation that so many different people throughout the country make happen – a totally unique experience.


What are you most excited about as we get closer to our 100th birthday?

So many great things! As we expand our reach, we are taking a much more active, engaging role in the city. The Orpheum is an important space for arts education in the region. And everyone I know has such a positive experience at the Orpheum. It makes Memphis a better place to live and to raise a family.

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