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David Pickler

David Pickler

President and CEO of Pickler Wealth Advisors

We sat down with Orpheum board member David Pickler, President and CEO of Pickler Wealth Advisors to find out what he loves most about the theatre.

Tell us about your earliest memories of the performing arts.

I grew up in the theatre, both onstage and admiring my mother, who was a talented singer and a frequent community theatre performer. I will never forget her powerful performance as the lead in the musical Mame, and I am incredibly appreciative of those who possess the unique ability to touch our souls.

What is your favorite thing about the Orpheum?

The energy! Whether for the artist performing onstage or for the patron enjoying live theatre, it’s a place where magic is created and where dreams can come true.

You’re a big supporter of the annual High School Musical Theatre Awards. What about that program inspires you?

I believe that the heart and soul of a community is expressed by its commitment to the creative arts in all their forms. And in the case of High School Musical Theatre Awards, the talent of our local students amazes me. The dedication and creativity these teachers inspire in their students is remarkable. They have created an environment within their schools that fosters a love for theatre and encourages many to pursue their dreams beyond high school.

You’ve been an Orpheum patron for 35 years. What are some memories that stand out?

I have more memories than this space would permit. My wife and I have enjoyed a lifetime of amazing experiences bringing our kids, Katie and Chris, to see CATS, The Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on the Roof, Miss Saigon, Les Misérables, and most special to me, Wicked. Katie was an Orpheum intern during college where she worked on the Orpheum’s Summer Movie Series, and on August 10th she’ll be married on the Orpheum stage – the perfect culmination of a lifelong love between my family and the Orpheum.

You know a thing or two about investments. Why should someone invest in the Orpheum?

While science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are vitally important to future success, the essential element of arts education transforms STEM into a powerful STEAM engine that feeds our souls and propels us toward meaningful and significant growth. As a rising leader in arts education, the Orpheum is more than a theatre. It is a place that is changing lives and empowering dreams.

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