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In the Listen Up! program, participants collaborate in storytelling by making documentary films. Differing from traditional “questionnaire only” documentaries, Listen Up! engages participants from partnering organizations in a journey of self-discovery by using a variety of creative activities and artistic mediums. From science experiments, music, and community service, to writing, painting, dancing or any other combination of inventive activities, students investigate their own personal perspectives and are filmed sharing their stories in their own words.

Listen Up! makes space for participants to speak openly, to listen deeply, to operate equipment, to perform post-production editing, and to create soundtrack recordings, exposing students to various aspects of filming, both on and off camera.

The Listen Up! LEGACY2 film (in partnership with 7 student artists from The Live Seed at Douglass High School) follows the journey of young Memphians as they define and shape their individual legacies. The Listen Up! IMPACT film (in partnership with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women-Memphis Chapter, The Butterfly Effect Girls Mentoring Program, NCBW mentees from Memphis Academy of Health Sciences Middle School, and Raising the B.A.R Community Development) follows the journey of several Memphis-based mentoring programs as they discover the rippling impact of serving others. 

Participant Perspectives

"My Listen Up! experience has been great and very uplifting, because I got to explore with others and share my stuff with others. And it’s been really fun participating. It has shown me to be myself no matter what."
Antonio, Douglass High, 10th Grade

"My Listen Up! experience has been great because I’ve learned so much about myself and others. And I’ve learned about who I really am, and what I really want to do in life. And being in the program, I got to meet so many great people. I just love this program because I got close to a lot of people. Closer to people than I have been in years."
Detriunna, Douglass High, 12th Grade

"Listen Up! has provided me with a space that lets me express things that bother me or things that I just genuinely care about. And all the while I get to do it with my friends."
Sincere, Douglass High, 12th Grade


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