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Everyone has a story. The Orpheum Theatre Group values all stories and believes in making space for those stories to be shared. When we share stories and listen deeply to one another, we are able to question, reflect, grow, learn, and lean into the future with a more shared human understanding. We are able to transform ourselves, our communities, and our world.

All of our ACTs of Engagement Programs are offered completely FREE. These programs are constantly in development throughout the year, so be sure to check this page often! For more information about ACTs of Engagement, email education@orpheum-memphis.com

Upcoming Performances:


Virtual Story Fest 2020

When we hear each other’s stories, we grow as a community. In March 2020, nine students from Overton High School were rehearsing their live storytelling performance. Across town, seven students from Douglas High School were wrapping their original documentary. Both projects were slated to premiere as part of the inaugural Story Fest this past April, but then the pandemic hit and Story Fest was postponed. While we may not be able to gather together in-person, we are committed to sharing and honoring the stories of these young people. Please join us on YouTube Live for an interactive virtual event where we will premiere filmed stories, hear from the students, and reflect live as a community.

Night One: Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 7-8pm

From Where I Stand: Lost and Found

From Where I Stand

Meet Tyler, Arionna, Monte, Nivea, Adrian, Sheniah, Klenisha, Maze, and Jazsmine and hear their stories in their own words. This filmed storytelling performance (in partnership with Overton High School) explores stories of being lost and found. What does it mean to be lost? What does it mean to lose ourselves, relationships, and ideas as we develop? What does it mean to find your passion, your friends, your sense of identity?

Night Two: Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 7-8pm

Listen Up! LEGACY 2

Listen Up

This digital storytelling documentary (in partnership with seven student artists from The Live Seed at Douglass High School) follows the journey of Antonio, Charles, Detriunna, Dre, Kaiiteaa, Sincere, and Whitney as they define and shape their individual legacies.

(Not pictured: Dre)

This two-day virtual interactive festival is a FREE event. Click the button below to register for both nights!


Our ACTs of Engagement have included:

Listen Up!

Listen Up!

A digital documentary storytelling initiative.

From Where I Stand

From Where I Stand

A theatrical storytelling initiative.

History Around Memphis Poetry Slam

History Around Memphis Poetry Slam

A live poetry event to engage the entire community in the lead up to Memphis performances of the revolutionary Broadway Musical HAMILTON

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