Led by Kennedy Center Teaching Artist Marcia Daft

Reading, Writing, and Rhythm

Numerous research studies document that children’s ability to hold a steady beat is critical to developing their reading fluency. Educators are invited to explore the powerful relationship between music and fluency.

First, explore skill-building activities designed to improve students’ mastery of syllabication and accent, auditory discrimination skills, visual tracking skills, and overall reading fluency. Then, learn how to read poems and children’s books with accurate rhythm and phrasing. Finally, explore how poets use musical devices, such as rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, and form, to shape and craft phrases. Teach these writing techniques to your students and see how their language development flourishes!

Reading and Writing with Expression

How can you help students change their reading from a plodding monotone to an expressive voice?

Discover how to teach the elements of vocal expression in ways that are easily understood, practiced, and mastered by students. Learn how to “call and echo” read short books and poems with students in ways that develop their expressive voice. Explore how expression deepens students’ reading comprehension and their understanding of inference.

Join musician and national teaching artist Marcia Daft for an Institute experience that will transform the way you think about teaching reading and writing. Recommended for teachers of ELL students.

A companion two-day course, Moving Through Math, is June 14-15. Book both professional development courses for $150, or attend this three-day course for $100. 

When two or more teachers from the same school register for and attend this session, each teacher from the school will receive two complimentary passes to a film in our Summer Movie Series. Limit two passes per teacher.