Led by Kennedy Center Teaching Artist Marcia Daft

Often times young students only learn the basics about geometry — memorizing the names of shapes in isolation, and in base orientation. Then, when shapes are manipulated, combined, flipped, or rotated, they are no longer recognizable to many children.

Moving Through Math goes past memorizing and helps children grasp the foundational concepts of geometry. This workshop invites children to build and manipulate shapes using stretchy dance bands and their bodies. Connecting creative movement to visual understanding dramatically enhances students' understanding of foundational concepts and spatial reasoning.

Meet the Shape Family

In this course, author Marcia Daft teach demonstration lessons about how to facilitate movement-based geometry lessons and explores how to help students deepen their learning experiences through observation, collaboration, and portfolio drawing. As students progress from lines, to angles, to flat shapes, to 3-dimensional shapes, they discover the underlying structures of geometry and learn to make connections to these same structures in the world around us.

Geometry Part 1: Lines, Line Orientations, and Line Relationships
Geometry Part 2: Shapes, Translations, and Mirror Reflections

During this course, teachers explore how geometric concepts build up upon and relate to each other. Educators learn how to integrate creative movement with the teaching of grade 3-5 geometry. Participants discover how to help students to deepen their learning experiences through the observation and performance of lines/rays/segments, vertical/horizontal/diagonal lines, parallel/intersecting/perpendicular lines, acute/right/obtuse angles, hierarchy of triangles, hierarchy of quadrilaterals, shape translations, rotations, and mirror reflections.

A companion three-day course, Teaching the Music of Language, is June 11-13. Book both professional development courses for $150, or attend this two-day course for $75. 

When two or more teachers from the same school register for and attend this session, each teacher from the school will receive two complimentary passes to a film in our Summer Movie Series. Limit two passes per teacher.