Get ready Memphis! An exciting evening of toe-tapping, original music is about to rock your world.

Al Paris will be taking the stage along with his band, Peabody, to officially launch the release of their debut CD, Loveland.

Al Paris is best known for his years of performing and touring the world with Kool and the Gang. However, that is only one part of his extensive experience in the entertainment business. Al has also performed with other popular groups, like the Bar-Kays, and had the good fortune to develop his songwriting skills under the guidance of Memphis' own award-winning, grand master of songwriting, David Porter.

In addition to having an amazing and extremely busy music career, Al Paris has even found the time to author an inspirational memoir revealing the many personal struggles he faced and the determination it took to overcome them to get where he is today. The book, titled Life Wasn't Always Kool, documents his journey from birth in a Detroit ghetto to his present day success.

So, If you'd like to experience the talent of this extraordinary gentleman along with his equally extraordinary band, mark your calendar! Join the rest of Memphis-music fans and enjoy a night of music that you're sure to remember.  Come move your body to Peabody's upbeat, rockin' sounds and feel the emotions of their soulful bliss.

Peabody Feat. Al Paris - Rock Me from JP/Filmz on Vimeo.