William A. Gandy Jr. presents an evening of R&B, Gospel, and Soul featuring Melvia "Chick" Rodgers-Williams, Karen Brown, Gerald Richardson, and Keesha Danielle.

Check out the artists bringing the Lashes Grown and Sexy concert to the Orpheum!

Melvia “Chick” Rodgers-Williams

“Small in stature, Rodgers possesses a big voice.” This big voice being that of award-winning Melvia “Chick” Rodgers-Williams who was born October 23, 1958, to Reverend Melvin Rodgers and Virginia Oliver-Rodgers. She is the oldest of four children and began her singing career at an early age in church. She is a proud graduate of Melrose High School in Memphis, class of 1976, where she was voted “Most Talented Female.”

Even with her Gospel background, the real discovery occurred in Germany, December of 1979, where she performed in front of thousands of military personnel (USO Tour). The tour continued in other countries including Portugal, Malaysia, and Japan until 1986.

In 1989, Chick Rodgers was discovered by a local Chicago club owner that offered her a consistent performance slot, and she has since made Chicago her home. Chick has performed all around the continental United States and in countries around the world including Portugal, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Finland, Rome, Germany, Thailand, Paris, and The Netherlands.

The energetic Chick Rodgers has had the opportunity to share the stage with Patti LaBelle, comedian Bernie Mac, and the late KoKo Taylor, and has performed at Blues festivals around the world.
Aside from marrying her “knight and shining armor, Mr. L.C. Williams in 1998, Rodgers’ major accomplishments spread across genres of music and theater. In 2008 Chick recorded her first CD, Essentially Yours, produced by the late KoKo Taylor. She’s had roles in several musicals including A Tribute to Phyllis Hyman, Georgia Tom: The Thomas Dorsey Story, Wives, Crowns, Black Nativity, and Those Sensational Soulful 60’s.

A critic once wrote, “It’s a wonder the brick masons aren’t called in after a Chick Rodgers performance, because she shakes the foundation of a building.” This powerful songstress has received a number of awards including Chicago’s Queen of Soul award.

Her humble beginnings keep her grounded and will forever be heard through her bold and powerful voice that “lifts audiences from their seats and leaves them dancing in the aisles.”

Karen Brown

An evening out listening to the sounds of award-winning vocalist Karen Brown is like spending the night with the biggest musical legends of our time. Karen blends the soulful artistry of her church choir experience with the moving emotions of the great music legends and delivers a performance that is uniquely her own.

She sings in the key of love while specializing in the genres of R&B, Gospel, Soul and more. With a voice that captures the epitome of versatility, there’s no limit to what Brown can do. Karen doesn’t strive to receive personal praise and glory for her accomplishments, as she attributes all of her success to her Creator.

William A. Gandy Jr.

William A Gandy Jr. is a true Memphian that put GOD first. His family is royalty in Memphis even part of Elvis Presley Boulevard is named after his Father. He's a professional hair stylist, singer songwriter, playwright, author, musician and actor. In 2018 he was the recipient of two prestigious "Stax Hot Buttered Soul Awards." In 2020 he made history by becoming the first Black man to do a musical stage play about Voting titled Grandma's Big Vote at the Orpheum’s Halloran Centre in the midst of a global pandemic which is now streaming on Amazon Prime media all over the world. He is grateful for his parents, Mr. William E. Gandy Sr. & Mrs. Betty J. Gandy.

Gerald Richardson

I am a native Memphian. I was born and raised in Memphis. I am proud of all of the opportunities that I have had while in the wonderful world of music here and abroad.

I was raised in the Memphis Music  community. My parents were both accomplished musicians and singers. My siblings and were all apart of being active in music.

My professional musical journey started in 2012 as a background vocalist for a number artists. I began singing lead vocals in 2015. I have also recorded with multiple national artists. I released my first single "Naturally” in 2019. My song topped out at #2 on the Global Soul Chart. I am currently recording an album that is scheduled to be released in September 2021.

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me throughout the years!

Keesha Danielle

Keesha Danielle is an emerging singer, songwriter, and artist originating from Memphis, Tennessee. From a young age, Keesha was surrounded by music which instilled her passion for it. As she grew older, she developed her style and sound.

In 2017, Keesha had the opportunity to meet a talented vocal coach and music engineer to push her dream even further. Through every release, Keesha Danielle demonstrates her versatility as a songwriter. Her story-telling lyricism differentiates herself from many in the scene. Through this unique talent, Keesha is able to connect intimately with listeners around the globe.

Keesha Danielle is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as she is set to leave her footprint in the music scene. As of today, she is signed with Brown and Blue records in Los Angeles, California.