Black Love Live is a Live Soul concert that feels like a family reunion! The concert features  performances from 3 of the best Memphis born and bred entertainers Gerald Richardson, J.Buck and Courtney Little. This concert not only serves as the perfect valentines weekend entertainment for couples, singles, friend groups, and much more, but also serves as a fund raiser for the Love a Little Foundation Group. The atmosphere of the Memphis Orpheum is the perfect setting for this event because it allows room for you to enjoy the entertainment in your own way. Whether you're the kind of person that's going to get in aisle and dance, or the kind of person that's going to sit and take in the amazing melodies, the Orpheum has the space to accommodate your vibe! On February 12, the doors will open at 5:30pm for the pre-show with Dj One and the main show will start at 6:30pm! We Can't wait to serve you at BLACK LOVE LIVE!